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Un gato. by faboarts Un gato. :iconfaboarts:faboarts 59,929 8,877 free love by AmbreMarine free love :iconambremarine:AmbreMarine 622 282 Lil Thrall and Varian Danglies by LinkWorshiper Lil Thrall and Varian Danglies :iconlinkworshiper:LinkWorshiper 83 71 Claymore: Augh, me legs. by Bootleg Claymore: Augh, me legs. :iconbootleg:Bootleg 677 138 Still Got It by thesquashedfrog Still Got It :iconthesquashedfrog:thesquashedfrog 280 109 Death Note: This Is Heaven by behindinfinity Death Note: This Is Heaven :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 81,425 15,549 AR - Nagato v Konan by LotusMartus AR - Nagato v Konan :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 255 51
10 Ways to Annoy Amy Pond
10 Ways to Annoy Amy from Dr. Who
10.  Ask her why she chose an ugly nurse over a good looking guy with a time machine who also happens to be the most advanced being in the universe.
8. mimic her Scottish accent whenever  you see her
7. Wear a 'Rory's Stag' t-shirt at all times.
6. Put on her wedding dress and when she enters the Tardis start prancing around in it to so the wedding march
5. Die her wedding dress black and when she gets mad at you tell her that she won't be marrying Rory, so you made it a more appropriate color for the funeral.
4. Change her ringtone to 'kiss and tell' by Ke$ha
3 .tell her she is the only person who has ever made their boyfriend dress up as their crush
2. Ask her why, if she is a kissogram, why she still finds it difficult to kiss Rory
And the number one way to annoy Amy Pond….
1. Ask her how changing your name, makes you forget about the Doctor
:iconblossom-storm:Blossom-Storm 27 74
10 ways to annoy Rory Williams
10 Ways to Annoy Rory from Dr.Who
10.  Ask him why the only person in the universe (including his "one true love") that remembers him is the guy that ran off with her the night before the wedding
8. Call him a Murse (male nurse)
7. Crash his stag party by jumping out of his massive cake
6. Kidnap his fiancée on the night before their wedding
5. .Spend all your money on his girlfriends kissogram stall and stay there all day
4. Tell him that his girlfriend's kissogram is way more successful than he thinks and that she gets most of her money from one particular customer who goes under the name of the Doctor….
3 .Ask why he hasn't done it with Amy yet, and that doctor has
2. Inform him politely that you and his fiancée had a little "smoochy smoochy time" while you both are in a scary tunnel surrounded by vampires/space fish
And the number one way to annoy Rory Williams….
1. Next time you see him say "If you're a real doctor, then where's your   
:iconcarrotlurve:CarrotLurve 113 44
Tenth + Eleventh II by VincentChan Tenth + Eleventh II :iconvincentchan:VincentChan 40 12 FaceMaker by FoxRichards FaceMaker :iconfoxrichards:FoxRichards 17,443 5,542 Xemnas Takes a...Dive? by BeagleTsuin Xemnas Takes a...Dive? :iconbeagletsuin:BeagleTsuin 227 31
KH2 - Braig's Gift
"Braig?  Braig..."
Braig turned over, wrapping himself further into his sheets, stirred by the soft voice coming out of the darkness. He was half convinced that he was dreaming, and half convinced he was hallucinating, but either way he wasn't ready to wake up. Sleep was too comfortable when he had just dealt with one long day of balancing impossible chemical equations. Chemistry was the worst, made even more so by how damned good at it Even was, or maybe because of that way he gloated when he had the answers and knew that Braig did not.  For the fact alone that he hadn't tried to strangle the prissy bastard even once, Braig had earned this sleep.
But the voice would not shut up, and he blinked up into the darkness, staring vacantly at the drywall there.  
"Hm..?  Heh?  What is it, Dilan?"
A small face came into view, tanned and framed by white locks of hair that didn't quite fall into place. Golden eyes blinked down at him, conf
:icon8-13:8-13 148 137





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